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Comprehensive mining intelligence incorporating mining and business leads and mining investment opportunities. Available in as a single, easy-to-use, subscription-based database. AMIQ – Africa’s largest mining database for mining intelligence.

African mining project intelligence from Africa Mining IQ is a wealth of mining information designed to keep AMIQ subscribers ahead of their competitors. With over 250 operational mines, Africa richly endowed with a diverse range of key mineral reserves, remains the most successful continent for mining. Mining intelligence from AMIQ, available through a subscription to the online mining database, provides subscribers with access to pertinent project information on over 1 900 mining in Africa.

Africa Mining IQ packages all this mining intelligence in one, easy-to-use database – it also happens to be Africa’s largest!

Holistic, verified and up-to-date mining intelligence provides companies targeting business in the African mining industry with potential mining business leads. These leads provide mining business intelligence on key contact details for mine owner, project engineers and EPCM companies involved in mining projects from grassroots through to being fully operational.

Subscribers to AMIQ’s mining intelligence database can identify where investor confidence is flourishing. Explore our subscription plans. Enquire today.


A subscription to AMIQ gives you access to:

Total Projects
Mine Owners
Project Engineers

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15 years’ experience in researching and reporting on mining in Africa! Our team of researchers at Africa Mining IQ research andidentify any new or potential mining projects as well as provide the latest intel on existing projects that are in various stages of development. All mining intelligence collated by Africa Mining IQ is subject to a stringent quality control process. Only once information is evaluated and approved, does Africa Mining IQ make it available to subscribers.

This helps over 170 companies expand their business operations with African mining companies by providing comprehensive, up-to-date mining intelligence. Our mining data software provides subscribers with:

  • Detailed project intelligence, including scope, project value, start and completion dates, mining type, plant and mineral
  • Comprehensive project commentary that keeps track of progress with updates and important notifications
  • Key contacts. We supply contacts for mine owners and list project engineers on each project.
  • A usable, intelligent dashboard, that allows you to input your own reminders and projects you follow.
  • Important networking opportunities, which companies has used to build important strategic partnerships that have helped them secure big contracts

With 41 New Projects registered in 2017, find out where you should be targeting your business Subscribe to Africa Mining IQ today!

Africa Mining IQ packages all this mining intelligence in one, easy-to-use database – it also happens to be Africa’s largest online mining database!

Africa's mining intelligence at your fingertips!

Mining Project Intelligence

Africa Mining IQ provides detailed
information mining in Africa:

  • Mine Locations
  • Estimated Project Values
  • Scope of the mine
  • Mine Owner Contacts
  • Project Engineer Contacts
  • Project Suppliers

Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is one of the only online
mining intelligence databases that:

  • Enables you to contact key
    personnel directly
  • Guarantees a key contact per mine
    owner or project engineer
  • Constantly researches and identifies
    additional key contacts

Africa Mining IQ Reporting

Africa Mining IQ has created various Analysis Reports to provide you with an overview of mining projects in Africa:

  • By region
  • By mineral type
  • By lifecycle phase
  • By capital value
  • By plant type

Use these to analyse growth potential in developing commodity markets.

Whether you’re targeting mining projects in South Africa, West Africa, East Africa, North Africa or Central Africa, subscribe to Africa Mining IQ – your essential mining intelligence service! Enquire now.

Browse mining intelligence in Africa by country:
From South Africa to Morocco, Africa Mining IQ covers the continent’s mining projects with up-to-date intelligence. Our African mining database covers 38 countries across North Africa, West Africa, East Africa and southern Africa. Our subscribers have access to up-to-the-minute information on:

This is only a general selection of the countries that listed in our Africa mining intelligence database.

Africa Mining IQ – Features and Benefits

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