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Mining in Namibia

Mining in Namibia produces about 25% of the country’s income, and with 87 projects currently listed on Africa Mining IQ about mining in Namibia, you have the opportunity to grow your business within the African mining sector.

Africa Mining IQ is Africa’s largest online mining database, with over 1 800 mining projects currently listed, including mining projects in Namibia. A subscription to Africa Mining IQ enables you to track, target and record these mining projects with accurate, verified information that is updated daily.

As Africa’s gateway to mining intelligence, Africa Mining IQ currently helps more than 170 companies grow their businesses by providing essential mining industry data. The extensive database contains information on everything from location of project and capital, exploration values to key contact mine details on mining in Namibia and throughout Africa.

Africa Mining IQ’s database includes the highest capital value mining project in Namibia – the Husab Uranium Project (the world’s second-largest producer of uranium), which is valued at ZAR 20 billion. Since 2006, uranium mining in Namibia has seen the country become the 6th largest producer in the world. Diamond mining in Namibia produces about 2% of the world’s total diamond supply, ranking the country the 8th-highest global producer of this mineral.

A view of the Navachab open pit mine situated at Karibib.
A view of the Navachab open
pit mine situated at Karibib

Find out how a subscription to Africa Mining IQ can grow your business in Namibian mining!

In addition, Africa Mining IQ’s listings for mining in Namibia include lead, manganese, phosphate, rare earth minerals, tin and zinc mining projects.

Africa Mining IQ organises projects for mining in Namibia in terms of grassroots, pre-feasibility, feasibility, bankable, active, operational, and dormant phases.

A subscription to Africa Mining IQ provides you with access to comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date intelligence on mining in Namibia:

  • Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY online data provider to supply you with key contact details on mining in Namibia
  • Accurate data to help you grow your business within the African mining industry
  • Get real-time mining intelligence with advanced reporting, graphs and statistics
  • Select and track relevant mining projects in Namibia
  • Gain unlimited access to regularly-updated and verified information
  • Receive email notifications of newly added or recently updated mining projects in Namibia

Preparation for blasting in the Navachab open pit mine
Contact Africa Mining IQ today on 011 830 2132 to find out how to expand your business within the African mining industry!

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Project Contact Information Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY mining intelligence database that guarantees a key contact per mine owner / project engineer or project supplier. All mining projects are carefully researched and verified /by a team of researchers.

Africa Mining IQ Reporting Africa Mining IQ Reporting

In depth Analysis reports delve into mining project statistics such as number of projects per region per phase and, have been created for you to download and use for tendering and project tracking purposes.

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