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Mining in Africa

Mining in Africa is the largest mineral industry in the world, accessing massive and diverse mineral reserves that equate to about 30% of the planet’s total mineral wealth! Although already a top global producer of diamonds, gold, platinum group metals, copper, bauxite and uranium, mining in Africa is a long way from realising its full economic potential!

With more and more African countries looking to mineral extraction as their primary economic activity, mining in Africa’s output over the next decade and more is likely to quadruple in size!

Africa Mining IQ, Africa’s largest online mining database, is an essential intelligence partner for anyone wanting to grow their business in mining in Africa. The database contains essential information on mining in Africa, including key contact details, estimated output values and project timelines that are updated daily.

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Mining in Africa: the sleeping giant awakes!

Many countries in Africa have yet to take full advantage of their mineral reserves because of political factors, social unrest and general instability. While possessing just under a third of the world’s mineral reserves, mining in Africa represents only about 8% of the world’s total mineral production.

However, with the continent now enjoying unprecedented levels of stability and development, mining in Africa’s time to shine has come! With leaders working hard to create an environment that is conducive to efficient minerals extraction, the world’s biggest mining companies are looking to mining in Africa as the future.

To be part of this mining boom, you need constant, up-to-the-minute information on the status of mining in Africa’s many projects.

As the continent’s largest intelligence database for mining in Africa, Africa Mining IQ is your no. 1 resource for information and key contact details for new projects, ongoing progress on existing mines and new tenders!

With over 1 850 projects on record, Africa Mining IQ allows investors, tenders and suppliers to keep their finger on the pulse of mining in Africa.


Tracking and reporting on
in Africa is part of the mining intelligence service available.

Over 170 companies
rely on Africa Mining IQ to help them
drive business within the
African mining industry.

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Used by over 170 businesses to grow their operations across the continent, Africa Mining IQ give our subscribers:

  • Key contact details for mine owners, EPCM companies and project suppliers and engineers
  • unequalled project intelligence: accurate, reliable and relevant project information on mining in Africa, including status, costs and tendering opportunities
  • opportunities for online collaboration: liaise with your work colleagues and contacts and ensure you target and meet the tender requirements in your business areas.
  • real-time charting and analysis: identify, track and monitor growth and progress for mining in Africa projects.
  • email notifications of updated mining in Africa projects and news
  • an easy-to-use dashboard
  • a built-in currency converter to accurately calculate capital and exploration values

All mining in Africa intelligence collated in Africa Mining IQ’s extensive database is subject to a stringent quality control process. Only once information is evaluated and approved, does Africa Mining IQ make it available to its subscribers.

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Some of the largest mining in Africa projects include:

Ruighoek Mine

This project has a capital value of some R 40 billion +! A refurbishment of an older mine, it is expected to produce 150 000 to 200 000 tons of chrome per year. It is located north of Rustenburg, in the North West Province of South Africa.  

Kinsevere Mine

Located in the DRC, this copper mine has a capital value of R 30 billion+. This open-pit mine has a current Life of Mine that is expected to run until 2024. It uses conventional solvent extraction / electrowinning in the copper mining process.

Liganga Iron Ore Project

The Liganga Iron Ore Project, set to commence in latter 2016, is forecast to propel Tanzania to the continent’s third largest producer of iron ore! This R 17 billion+ project also consists of the Mchuchuma coal mining project. It is near the Tanzanian n city of Njonbe.  

Glenover Project

This exciting project, in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, is an exploration of the rare earth minerals potential of pit material and surface stockpiles that were accrued during phosphate-based mining operations from 1963 to 1984.  

Browse mining in Africa by country:

From South Africa to Morocco, Africa Mining IQ covers the continent’s mining projects with up-to-date intelligence. Our mining in Africa database covers 38 countries, including:

This is just a selection of the countries that comprise our mining in Africa intelligence database.  

Mining in Africa: minerals by numbers

Gold mining in Africa is the largest source of gold across the world. In addition to gold, diamond mining in Africa and copper mining in Africa are also key mineral reserves for the world economy. Included in our mining in Africa database are the following:

  •  767 gold projects
  • 170 industrial projects
  • 152 coal projects
  • 98 PGM projects
  • 97 iron ore projects

This is just a selection of the minerals that comprise our mining in Africa intelligence database.

Africa Mining IQ is used by over 170 mining companies globally as a reputable and comprehensive mining in Africa intelligence database that stretches from specific details of mining companies in Africa to details on small and large mining projects throughout Africa!

With a subscription to Africa Mining IQ, a wealth of knowledge is available at a mere click of a button. Through this unique offering on mining in Africa, you can:

Select and track key African mining projects to follow Identify any new or potential mining in Africa projects across various stages of development – from Pre-Feasibility to completion

All mining in Africa intelligence collated in Africa Mining IQ’s extensive database is subject to a stringent quality control process. Only once information is evaluated and approved, does Africa Mining IQ make it available to its subscribers.

Gain access to mining in Africa’s largest online database with a subscription to Africa Mining IQ today!
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