Mining Companies in Angola

Mining companies in Angola focus almost exclusively on diamond and iron ore extraction. Angola is the third largest producer of diamonds on the African continent. The Angolan government is actively encouraging foreign investment in mining companies in Angola, aiming to increase the contribution of mining to the GDP, while tackling unnemployment.

This means that mining companies in Angola need to keep up to date with the latest developments in the country’s mining industry in order to attract investment opportunities. Foreign investors also rely on accurate and detailed information to find potential investment opportunities in mining companies in Angola.

Africa Mining IQ lists such information on its online database, detailing projects from grassroots stages* to dormancy. Such projects include the grassroots stage* Cariango Project in Lunda Norte, owned by one of the more active mining companies in Angola, International Gold Exploration IGE AB (based in Sweden). Such projects present mining companies in Angola as well as abroad with the opportunity to make and monitor investments, while Africa Mining IQ serves as an important resource for keeping track of progress etc.

Another project highlighting possible future investments for mining companies in Angola and abroad is the Lacage Project in central-eastern Angola. Africa Mining IQ lists developments dating from May 2009, demonstrating how Africa Mining IQ aids mining companies in Angola and abroad by keeping them up to date with such developments. Africa Mining IQ lists direct contact details on all its database entries. This further helps keep investors in contact with active mining companies in Angola.

Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY African mining intelligence database that guarantees a key contact per mine owner / project engineer or project supplier. All African mining projects are carefully researched and verified by a team of researchers.


Africa Mining IQ Reporting

In depth analysis reports delve into African mining project statistics such as number of projects per region per phase, and have been created for you to download and use for tendering and project tracking purposes.

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Mining Industry in Angola

Tracking and reporting on African mines and African mining projects is part of the mining intelligence service available.

Over 170 companies rely on Africa Mining IQ to help them drive business within the African mining industry.


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