The importance of a Centralised Mining Information Service

The mining industry generates vast volumes of data on a daily basis. This data could be used to benefit the industry for outcomes prediction and optimisation – if it were all captured in a central repository of sorts.

The data in question includes information pertaining to the development of mining projects, which incorporates ore deposits as well as ore type, grade and quality; shaft depths and shaft types; rock types; expansion potential; reliable supplier and production expediting services; mining techniques and methodologies; changes in mine production and much much more. At the moment, between only 1% and 5% of generated mining industry data is used for prediction and mining optimisation by the companies who generate it.

Comprehensive Mining Data Captured

African Mining IQ (AMIQ) is a dedicated African Mining Information Service which collects all pertinent information pertaining to the African Mining Industry. This includes all information on mining projects across the African continent, regardless of the phase of the mine or mine type. As an independent company not associated with any local or international mining house, AMIQ extracts all meaningful data and provides a factual-based objective view of investment and other opportunities, such as service and product provision, in the African mining sector. The quantity of information obtained by AMIQ and made available to the industry by far surpasses the estimated sub5% of data mentioned above.

Gaining information in real-time, at the moment, is limited to individual mining companies that have the ability to use Industry 4.0 technology optimally, but it is limited to functions or tasks within a given project. AMIQ acquires all mining project information from individual mining houses and project engineers, and makes it available to companies and individuals through a dedicated subscription service. This subscription service allows for email alerts to subscribers whenever pertinent information changes and can be accessed from all types of devices including a mobile app. So, while AMIQ subscribers may not benefit from real-time data, they certainly reap the rewards of immediate notification once any changes to the established data takes place. This kind of immediately available information can help facilitate more accurate prediction outcomes on some projects and, generally, across certain sectors or geographical areas.

The Role of Technology

The reference to Industry 4.0 above demonstrates our world’s technological advancements, many of which are used in the mining sector. Things like 3D modelling, augmented reality and simulated processes are a few examples of mining technology today. When used with the Internet of Things (IOT), this technology helps overcome many would be challenges by allowing for more accurate prediction into the processes. And again, if this data is made available to the mining sector, via an independent information service, the information that can be used for mining and process optimisation across the industry is almost unlimited.

An additional challenge which hinders prediction and optimisation in the mining sector is that there are no open platforms or collaborative ecosystems for data exploitation. Data exploitation is necessary if the mining industry is going to move to a positive prediction and optimisation outcome. The technological gurus found among many mining houses, in conjunction with specialist technology companies, could work together to create an open data sharing platform for the mining industry. When that time arrives, AMIQ will be a part of that platform. In the meantime, African Mining IQ goes a long way to begin solving this challenge.

Why Africa Mining IQ (AMIQ)?

As a mining and ancillary information services portal, AMIQ benefits investors, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers to the African mining industry by informing subscribers to the who, why, what, when, where and how of mining projects as they arise, when they close and all phases in between.

Mining companies themselves also benefit from a comprehensive mining information portal. AMIQ provides them with access to a comprehensive database of project engineers and specialist suppliers to the mining industry, giving them the advantage of identifying new products and/or services to utilise and allowing them choose from the best and most-renowned engineers and suppliers to the mining industry.

Africa Mining IQ – your personal African mining information portal.

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