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Africa Mining IQ Features & Benefits

Over the past 10 years, Africa Mining IQ has become known as one of the leading sources for
African Mining Project information. The Africa Mining IQ online service guarantees you information that is up-to-date, reliable and relevant to your unique business needs.
There are over 1800 projects on Africa Mining IQ that can be accessed 24/7.

  •   Better organisation of data available
  •   Direct access to project decision makers
  •   Email notifications direct to your Inbox
  •   Easier Project Identification
  •   Access to real time reporting & charting
  •   Search for projects by utilising various search criteria
  •   Online collaboration and communication


Gain access to Africa Mining IQ – Africa’s Online Mining Intelligence Platform

  • Over 1800 projects
  • Key Contacts per mining project
  • Daily/Weekly updates to your inbox

Monthly Fees starting
from R7000*

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*Ts & Cs Apply

  1. DASHBOARD WITH MULTIPLE SUB-SECTIONS – easily identifiable, data is more organised and hidden behind drop down sections that have been specifically
    designed for easier access
Dashboard with multiple sub sections  
  1. KEY CONTACTS PER PROJECT – speaking to the right people at the right time can be the deciding factor in ensuring tendering success. Africa Mining IQ distinguishes itself from the competition by guaranteeing a key mining contact per project. If a contact is not known, the Africa Mining IQ Researchers, will find one for you.
Key contacts per projects  
  1. MULTIPLE PROJECT TRACKING – you can select to follow mining projects pertinent to your line of work, creating your own personal database of mining projects in Africa. In addition, you will receive an email direct to your inbox notifying you of updates to your Projects of Interest!
  1. PROJECT COLOUR CODING – to distinguish between the various types of project available on Africa Mining IQ, we have colour coded them. Tan for your Projects of Interest; Green for new Projects added to the system, Blue for fellow user’s Projects of Interest.
  1. ADVANCED CHARTING & REPORTING – We know that no intelligence is complete without some form of graphs. The graphs on Africa Mining IQ provide you with a visual description of the progression of mining on the African continent. Compare project growth by phase, mineral mining type etc.
  1. ADVANCED SEARCH FACILITY – With over 1800 projects currently listed on the Africa Mining IQ database, finding specific projects may seem daunting. Our search facility enables you to search for project by region, country, phase as well as by Mine Owner, Project Engineer and Project Supplier.
  1. MINING IQ PERSONALISATION – We understand that time plays an important role in determining whether you will use an online service or not. To this end, we have created My Africa Mining IQ, a personalised communication hub where you can:
    1. Collaborate and communicate on Africa Mining IQ with fellow users
    2. Add notes and reminders to projects – ideal for tracking and follow up
    3. Self-managed email alerts – a guarantee that you will not be spammed
      by Africa Mining IQ
    4. Receive broadcast messaging from Projects IQ - important announcements
      sent direct to your dashboard

Currently there are over 170 companies who have identified the true potential of Africa Mining IQ. You too can take advantage and have the
latest African mining project intelligence at your fingertips. Contact one of our sales consultants on +27 11 830 2132 to book your
Africa Mining IQ demo at your office. Alternatively click on one of the links below to find out more about Africa Mining IQ and the subscription plans available.

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Role Players within the Mining Industry

Major role players within the mining industry have not only identified the true value and potential offered by Africa Mining IQ, they have continued to
make use of Africa Mining IQ’s extensive database to capitalise on business opportunities within the local mining industry.

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