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Biggest Mining Companies in Africa

Access to information on the biggest mining companies in Africa and their
– anywhere within the mining lifecycle, is available from Africa Mining IQ.

Africa Mining IQ is an online intelligence service powered by Projects IQ.
Projects IQ provides comprehensive mining project intelligence for potential investors, distributors and mining-related businesses.

To facilitate this, we have a dedicated team of researchers which continuously
researches and updates our extensive database of mining projects throughout the
African continent. Stringent quality control guidelines and authentic data verification
processes ensure that the African mining intelligence we provide is accurate and reliable.

Intelligent elements

A mining project page on Africa Mining IQ, whether you’re interested in the biggest mining companies in Africa or all of them, consists of the following key elements:

  •   Project description: Detailed summary of the mining project which includes
      scope, project value, start and completion dates, mine type, plant and mineral.
  •   Project commentary: Updates and important notifications are added, so you get
      additional insight into the progress of the project in which you are interested.
  •   Key contacts: Contact for the mine owners and project engineers are listed on
      each project.
  •   Project notes: “Your notes” section appears on each project page. It has been
      designed with functionality that enables you to set project follow up or project
      progress reminders.

Mining intelligence advantages

For investors interested in the biggest mining companies in Africa, a subscription to Africa Mining IQ provides users with a Mining IQ advantage:

  •   Exclusive access to mine owner contact details
  •   Search facilities for mine owners, project engineers and project suppliers
  •   Up-to-date reporting on project status, costs and tendering opportunities
  •   Verified research and insights into the biggest mining companies in Africa and all
      mining companies in Africa
  •   Advanced project reporting, graphs and statistics
  •   Accessible information 24/7, 365 days a year
  •   Email notifications of updated projects and news

Contact Africa Mining IQ today on 011 830 2132 to learn about investment
opportunities with the biggest mining companies in Africa

South Africa is currently the world’s largest producer of chrome, platinum group metals, manganese, vanadium, and vermiculite. All mining companies in Africa, including the largest, that mine these metals, are included on our database. In addition, over 50% of all gold reserves are found in South Africa, where the Witwatersrand holds the world’s largest gold reef deposit. In 2007, gold mining in South Africa employed over 240 000 people and accounted for R 49 billion in foreign currency earnings.

Two of the biggest mining companies in Africa, Glencore Xstrata, which currently has 25 African mining projects listed on Africa Mining IQ, with a combined value exceeding R 415 billion; and Barrick Mining, one of the five largest gold producers in Africa which has produced 6.5 million ounces of gold to date, are example of big mining companies listed on our database.



Tracking and reporting on the BIGGEST MINING COMPANIES’ PROJECTS IN AFRICA is part of the mining intelligence service available.

Over 170 companies rely on Africa Mining IQ to help them drive business within the mining industry.  

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Project Contact Information Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY mining intelligence database that guarantees a key contact per mine owner / project engineer or project supplier. All projects pertaining to Glencore Xstrata mining are carefully researched and verified by a team of researchers.

Africa Mining IQ Reporting Africa Mining IQ Reporting

In-depth analysis reports provide comprehensive project statistics for mines in Africa and have been created for you to download and use for tendering and project tracking purposes.

We list over 100 projects that involve copper mining in Africa and diamond mining projects. As the central and southern Africa region produce roughly 49% of the world’s total diamond output per year, these mines feature strongly on our database. Uranium mining in Africa is dependent on about 888 400 tonnes of reserve across the continent, with all projects pertaining thereto listed on our database.

Approximately 46% of the world’s diamonds, 62% platinum group metals, 21% gold and 16% uranium are provided by mines in Africa

Mines in Africa already provide almost half of the world’s diamonds, 62% of its platinum group metals, 21% of its gold and 16% of its uranium – yet vast deposits of minerals remain untouched, presenting key mining opportunities. This makes African mining one of the world’s top business opportunities.

Get the best contact details to secure investment opportunities with the biggest mining companies in Africa.
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Role Players within the Mining Industry

Major role players within the mining industry have not only identified the true value and potential offered by Africa Mining IQ, they have continued
to make use of Africa Mining IQ’s extensive database to capitalise on business opportunities within the local mining industry.

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