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Africa Mining IQ is the leading provider of African mining services, data and intelligence, listing over 1 800 mining projects across the continent’s vast mineral base. For over a decade, this online database has delivered comprehensive mining intelligence covering the complete scope of a project, from location and capital values to key project contact details, all of which are updated daily. Africa Mining IQ currently helps more than 170 companies track, target and record these projects and their development.

As a total African mining services provider of accurate and essential mining industry data, Africa Mining IQ’s intelligent project database can be leveraged to provide precise, specific project intelligence. For enhanced usability, Africa Mining IQ categorises these projects in terms of grassroots, pre-feasibility, feasibility, bankable, active, operational and dormant Mine Life Cycle Phases.

A subscription to Africa Mining IQ starts at just ZAR 5 000 per month and can be customised to suit your unique business requirements. Your subscription guarantees you access to the most comprehensive online mining intelligence database.

A subscription to Africa Mining IQ provides you with access to comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date African mining services and intelligence:

  • Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY online African mining services provider to supply you with key contact details per project
  • Accurate project data to help you grow your business within the African mining industry
  • Get real-time African mining services and intelligence with advanced reporting, graphs and statistics
  • Select and track relevant mining projects throughout Africa
  • Gain unlimited access to regularly-updated and verified information
  • Receive email notifications of newly added or recently updated mining projects
  • As part of our holistic African mining services, Africa Mining IQ offers a built-in currency converter for accurate capital and exploration values

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Africa Mining IQ
The Africa Mining IQ

Africa Mining IQ’s African mining services reflect a highest value listing of R 340 billion – the Camden, Grootvlei and Komati Power Stations!

745 gold projects 164 industrial projects
149 coal projects 125 uranium projects
121 diamonds projects 118 copper projects
96 PGM projects 92 iron ore projects
46 nickel projects 17 manganese projects

Featured listings for Africa Mining IQ’s African mining services directory:

Camden, Grootvlei and Komati Power Stations
The Simunye project – as the Camden, Grootvlei and Komati collective is known – is a ZAR 340 billion de-mothballing of coal-powered plants which will provide 3 800 MW of electricity with a projected lifespan of 15 – 20 years. As part of its African mining services offering which lists over 1 800 projects, Africa Mining IQ provides complete, verified details of the Camden, Grootvlei and Komati Power Stations.

Dikulushi Mine
The ZAR 58 million Dikulushi Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently under expansion, with the open-pit mine being extended to exploit a section of the remaining recognised resource of the Dikulushi ore body. This will provide access to a 539 000-ton copper and silver ore deposit. Africa Mining IQ provides complete details and verified commentary on the Dikulushi mine and hundreds of other mining projects as part of its African mining services offering.

Husab Uranium Project
With a project value of ZAR 20 billion, the Husab uranium mine will extract a projected 15 million pounds of uranium per annum, to become the world’s second-largest producer of uranium when it commences operation in 2016. Since 2006, uranium mining in Namibia has seen the country become the 6th largest producer in the world. Africa Mining IQ provides complete details of the Husab mine as part of its African mining services offering.

Bakubang Platinum Mine Project
The ZAR 12 billion Bakubang platinum mine has a total projected deposit of 16.7 million tons of the rare platinum group metals, the ore of which will be extracted at a rate of 2.1 million tons over 35 years. As part of a complete African mining services offering, Africa Mining IQ provides accurate information for the Bakubeng mine project.

Kansanshi Copper Mine Expansion
The ZAR 16 billion upgrades to production capacity at Kansanshi, Zambia, will increase copper output from 250 000 tons to 400 000 tons. Kansanshi is the largest deposit of copper in Africa. It has an estimated remaining mine life of 16 years with the potential for gold extraction. Africa Mining IQ provides complete and verified intelligence for the Kansanshi mine as part of its African mining services offering that includes over 1 800 project listings.

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